1.stand out (v phr) 脫穎而出 :to be easily seen or noticed
It's easy to spot Rachel today. Her purple hat makes her stand out in a crowd.

2.footprint (n) 留下的足跡或影響 a marked effect, impression or clue suggesting that something or someone was once present felt or considered important.
Soaked from the rain, the dog ran into the house and across the kitchen, leaving muddy footprints on the floor.

3.storm (v) 突然大舉攻入:to attack a place by entering suddenly in great numbers
A large team of police stormed the bank, hoping to catch the bank robbers before they got away.

4.unaffiliated (adj) 與(某組織)無正式關係的:not officially connected to an organization
The book club is unaffiliated with the bookstore. The store just allows the club to meet there..

5.sporadic (adj) 偶爾發生的 happening irregularly
Henry is sporadic when it comes to turning in his homework. He needs to become more disciplined and turn it in every day.

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